Babl.biz is a British technology software that offers its own telephony operating system available through an API, enabling our clients to build applications faster and bigger than they ever have been able to before.

Available to developers, software corporates and global telephone companies, Babl.biz allows you to build previously unthinkable software applications and deploy them on our global network.

Babl.biz’s platform gives you the power, rapidly and seamlessly, to build telephony applications at a fraction of the cost.

The platform is Free to try and free throughout development, and our pricing model allows you to deploy your own global infrastructure or use ours, depending on your model.

Why Babl.biz is different

Babl.biz is a proven, proprietary platform with massive computing power, that allows you to handle multiple transactions instantly.

Built for the modern telephony and multimedia application, our telephony media servers come with an API and scripting tools that make integrating telephony in to your software application easier than ever before.

Babl.biz sits at the heart of mission critical business applications, for corporates, telco’s, Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s), and developer applications across all industries and government.

Babl.biz sits as an application block and used by Cloud computing companies to deliver the telephony component of their software application.

Our patented Handover App supports both the telephony media servers and the application layers using multiple servers so that our clients can more than meet their SLA targets – enabling the highest industry availability.

The Current Approach

Telephony applications have often been made by traditional hardware vendors with very prescribed features. These act as a straightjacket when trying to respond to innovative changes in the market.

Early telephony API’s have been based on open source technologies such as Asterisk that come with built in limitations.

Both these approaches limit you in terms of scale, reliability, and transaction speed, as well as removing the trouble of managing instances and servers yourself which would result in much slower development, testing and change control processes.

Try Babl in your software application

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