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Babl is a platform for developers to be able to embed global telephony and messaging in their software applications


Babl allow you as a developer, telco, or corporate to embed real time, contextual communications in to your software application, quickly and cost effectively.

Why Choose Babl?

Babl is an API that gives you access to our highly functional telephony media servers and a global communications network.

Babl is the communications block for your software application that will help power you save time, effort and money and reduce your time to market dramatically.

We offer real time communications as a service, granular pricing that reflects the investments that you have already made, and enable you to build software applications that allow you to communicate securely in the context of your business, client, or process.

AWS Enabled

Babl is much more than a telephony API – it is a bespoke software application development and execution service.  It removes the need for customers to write the telephony element of their product, which once written can be deployed on a private or public cloud for a fixed fee rather than per minute or per call. This can significantly reduce cost and time to market.

Voice is the most real time of all communications and its complexity has been simplified by our team to make it available to suit the most seemingly complex of problems or applications.

Case Studies

Person Name
Addison Lee Addison Lee depend on Babl.biz for their driver - passenger communications, making millions of calls a year.
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Person Name
Marketpoint Marketpoint have used Babl.biz, integrated in to their proprietary CRM system, globally, for several years.
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